Research Report 2017/2018
  1. Disciplines represented on the Board

    1. Organised Agriculture

      The 2017/2018 season was turbulent indeed, not only climatically, but also politically. Agriculture experienced a renewed focus from government on the ownership of land and the redistribution of the land in the country. An exercise that impacted very negatively on the sustainability and morale of the whole farming community that was already under serious pressure due to the poor financial position of farmers. A situation that was created after the previous season's record crop that shifted the maize price from import to export parity. We've also seen the inauguration of President Ramaphosa after the resignation of President Zuma. Unfortunately, the confidence in the South African economy was reflected in the downgrading of the S&P grading report. This impacted very badly on the South African economy.

      2017 also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the free grain market. We honour those, who played a pivotal role in creating a workable free market system.

      Climatically South Africa, especially the Western Cape and Northern Cape, experienced the worst drought in the last 90 years. Challenging times for our wheat and canola producers in these areas. We are thankful for the rest of the country that experienced a normal to an above normal raining season.

      2017/2018 will be remembered as a challenging year in the farming community.