1.   Soybeans

1.6   Plant protection

1.6.3   Nematology


  • FOURIE H (2006)   Chemical control options for plant-parasitic nematodes associated with soybean in South Africa.
    PROJECT NO. 84/06, 2005-2006, ARC-Grain Crops Institute
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  • FOURIE H, DE WAELE D, MCDONALD AH, MIENIE CMS, DE BEER A, MARAIS M (2015)   Nematode pests threatening soybean production in South Africa, with reference to Meloidogyne.
    South African Journal of Science, Vol 111 (No 9/10): September / October 2015, p1-9
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  • FOURIE H, MCDONALD AH, DE WAELE D (2010)   Relationships between initial population densities of Meloidogyne incognita race 2 and nematode population development in terms of variable soybean resistance.
    Journal of Nematology, 2010, 42 (1): p55-61
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  • FOURIE H, MCDONALD AH, DE WAELE D (2005)   Host suitability of South African and Foreign soybean cultivars to Meloidogyne incognita race 2.
    SA Plant and Soil, 23 (2), p132-137
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  • FOURIE H (2004)   In vivo evaluation of resistance to Meloidogyne incognita race 2 (Nematode: Tylenchida) and identification of genetic markers for this trait in soybean (Glycine max).
    PhD thesis, 2002-2004, Catholic University, Leuven Belgium
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  • MBATYOTI A, DANEEL MS, SWART A, DE WAELE D, FOURIE H (2019)   Terrestrial non-parasitic nematode assemblages associated with glyphosate-tolerant and conventional soya bean-based cropping systems.
    Oilseeds Focus, Vol 5 No 2, June 2019, p8-11
  • JANSE VAN RENSBURG PR (2019)   Simple food colouring test to help spot root-knot.
    Oilseeds Focus, Vol 5 No 2, June 2019, p20-21
  • STEENKAMP S, FOURIE D (2018)   Nematode pests of leguminous and oilseed crops in South Africa.
    Oilseeds Focus, Vol 4 No 1, March 2018, p7 & 9
  • MBATYOTI A (2018)   Novel and updated findings regarding nematode soya bean research in South Africa.
    Oilseeds Focus, Vol 4 No 2, June 2018, p14 15 & 17
  • BRIEDENHANN E (2018)   Impact of nematodes on soya bean production in South Africa.
    Oilseeds Focus, Vol 4 No 3, September 2018, p22-24
  • VAN WYK WF (2016)   Increasing soya bean yield.
    Oilseeds Focus, Vol 2 No 1, January 2016, p7-9
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    Oilseeds Focus, Vol 1 No 3, October 2015, p13
  • VAN DER WALT W (2013)   Nematode resistance in soya beans.
    Farmer's Weekly, 15 February 2013, p33
  • STEENKAMP S (2012)   "Die moets en moenies van plantparasitiese aalwurmbeheer op sojabone."
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  • STEENKAMP S (2012)   "Knopwortelaalwurms (Meloidogyne spp.) onder die vergrootglas."
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  • FOURIE H (2002)   Fourth international congress of Nematology, Tenbel, LA Galletas, Arona, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
    8-13 June 2002

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