Research Report 2007/2008




The PRF is grateful that there are so many aspects on which to report in this document.

In the first place funding is important and the PRF is grateful to its fund managers, ABSA Investment as well as Foord Asset Management (Pty) Ltd, for exceptionally good work as well as impressive results delivered. This undoubtedly enables the PRF to go the extra mile.

The PRF received a positive report from its auditors The Ashton CA (SA) Group and would like to thank them for a pleasant and professional relationship.

The PRF would also like to acknowledge other donors who fund research with whom we have cooperated in the past year, as we could not have achieved the results reported on in this document by ourselves. The most important partners in this regard are the ARC, OPDT/OAC, Winter Grain Trust, Universities and the Departments of Agriculture of the Western Cape as well as KwaZulu-Natal.

In the second place this report would also not have been possible if it were not for collaborators. Obviously it is impossible to name each of these. We would however like to thank all researchers, contractors, consultants, peer evaluators, co-workers at the PRF, work groups and those involved in other activities such as trials, information days etc, and literally everyone who assisted directly or indirectly to make a success of the activities of the PRF.

Our personnel are a unique group of dedicated people for whom nothing is too much trouble. The PRF Board would like to express its thanks to them for the exceptional manner in which they show their loyalty to the PRF and the quality of work they deliver.

In closing I would like to express my sincere thanks to each member of the Board of Trustees of the PRF who, on a daily basis, deliver an increas­ingly bigger contribution to the activities of the PRF in such a way that the PRF remains an outstanding organisation delivering an exceptional service to all individuals in South Africa.

GJH Scholtemeijer