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Bursaries awarded 2017/2018

Project titles are shown in the language in which they were registered. / Projektitels word gelys in die taal waarin dit geregistreer is.


NoStudent & QualificationsInstitutionIntended Research AreaDegree
Le Roux PJG
Stellenbosch University"Die evaluasie van tand- en skryf-oopmakers om canola te vestig op grond met verskillende fisiese, chemiese en biologiese toestande (grondkwalilteit)."M.Sc dissertation
De Jager W
University of the Free StateForecast estimates of protein for animals in South Africa.M.Sc dissertation
Van Emmenes L
Stellenbosch UniversityThe use of fly larvae meal as an alternative protein source in the diets of monogastric animals. Exploring the potential benefits for the animal, farmer, consumer and environment.PhD thesis
Engelbrecht JA
Stellenbosch UniversityThe evaluation of alternative protein sources (lupins, canola, and canola oilcake in ostrich nutrition).M.Sc dissertation
Jordaan E
University of PretoriaEpidemiology and population structure of Macrophomina phaseolina (Charcoal rot) on sunflower.PhD thesis


NoStudent & QualificationsInstitutionIntended Research AreaDegree
Du Toit E
Stellenbosch UniversityDeveloping nitrogen fertiliser management strategies for canola under conservation agriculture practices in the Western Cape.M.Sc dissertation
Du Toit FP
Stellenbosch UniversityA financial analysis of combining crop rotations systems with appropriate potential soils in the middle Swartland.M.Sc dissertation
Van der Merwe J
Stellenbosch UniversityEvaluation of canola oilcake as alternative locally produced protein source for slaughter ostriches.M.Sc dissertation
Jordaan L
Stellenbosch University"Die gebruik van chemiese middels en bedekking met polimere om die nie-degradeerbare proteïen fraksie van 'n verskeidenheid plaaslike geproduseerde plant proteïen bronne te verhoog."M.Sc dissertation
Mbedzi P
University of PretoriaInitial screening of soybeans for simple sequence repeats conferring to resistance to sclerotinia sclerotiorum.M.Sc dissertation
Khahlu T
University of PretoriaThe localization of cysteine proteases and their inhibitors during the development and senescence of soybean nodules.M.Sc dissertation