Research Report 2008/2009



Achievement awards in support of the vision and mission of the PRF

In order to support the vision and mission in the achievement of its goals, the PRF makes provision for achievement awards to individuals in the following categories:

  • Best Doctoral thesis;
  • Best Masters dissertation;
  • Best scientific article;
  • A person who has made an outstanding contribution in order to promote the vision and mission of the PRF; and
  • A Board member who has, over time, played a significant role in the promotion of the activities of the PRF.

The goal of the first two categories is to encourage post graduate students to focus on high quality subjects of study which will promote the goals of the PRF, whilst the third category is aimed at encouraging researchers to publish their research in recognised scientific journals. The aim of the fourth category is to acknowledge those persons who have delivered exceptional contributions, especially in the field of technology transfer. The fifth category is aimed at giving recognition to Board Members who have, over an extended period of time, played a significant role in the activities of the PRF. The following awards were made from a number of nominations received:

  1. Best Doctoral thesis

    Dr MK Nonis, "Modelling nutrient response and performance of broiler breeders after sexual maturity", University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  2. Best Master's dissertation

    Me DD Visser, "Studies on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (sclerotinia stem rot) on soybeans", University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  3. Best article in a scientific magazine

    Mr R Strauss, "The role of low soil temperature in the inhibition of growth and PSH function during dark chilling in soybean genotypes of contrasting tolerance", North-West University.
  4. A person who has made an outstanding contribution in promoting the goals of the PRF

    Mr CJ du Plessis. Mr du Plessis, previously a Board Member, is currently farming in KwaZulu-Natal and still continues to make valuable contributions to the success of the Super Soy competition.
  5. A Board Member who, over time, made a significant contribution to the activities of the PRF
    • Dr M Griessel, and
    • Mr JSG Joubert

All the awards, with the exception of that to Dr Nonis who is currently working abroad, have been presented at appropriate functions.