Research Report 2008/2009



Study bursaries

The Bursary Committee of the PRF received seven applications for bursaries for the 2008 academic year. Five bursaries were awarded to those applicants who complied with the criteria set out by the PRF.

The aim of these study bursaries is to provide deserving candidates with the opportunity to obtain a Master's or Ph D degree by conducting high quality scientific research involving protein production and/or its efficient usage in animal feed.

In the case of a Master's degree the subject of study by the prospective candidate must fall within the broad guidelines of the vision, mission and goals of the PRF, whereas a study bursary for a Ph D will only be considered if the subject of study is regarded as being of a high priority to the PRF.

Students are encouraged, in cooperation with their supervisors, to promote their research through the publication of scientific and/or popular articles in recognised journals or magazines once their studies have been completed.

It is the aim of the PRF to grant a maximum of eight bursaries per annum, of which at least two should be new bursaries. Of the five bursaries granted for the 2008 academic year, two were new applications.

The applicants listed below received a bursary to the value of R30 000 per annum. Bursaries for Master's and Doctoral studies are granted for a period of two and three years respectively. Bursaries for the ensuing years are granted only if a progress report is submitted and a recommendation is made by the supervisor that satisfactory progress has been made in the preceding year.

M.Sc studies

  1. Me M Strydom (second application): "Dierevoeding ten opsigte van die monogastriese dier (enkelmaagdier)", Stellenbosch University.
  2. Mr DB Strydom (second application): "Die ekonomiese impak van hernubare brandstof produksie op die Suid-Afrikaanse veevoer bedryf", University of the Free State
  3. Mr TL Khetanie (first application): "An evaluation of the effects of feed restriction on protein intake and its consequences on egg composition and incubation success in broiler breeder hens", University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  4. Me PT Mabulwana (first application): "Determination of drought stress tolerance among soybean varieties by morphological and physiological characteristics", University of Limpopo.

PhD studies

  1. Ms BK Theeruth (second application): "Evaluating an optimisation routine for the profitable feeding of growing pigs", University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Completed thesis and dissertations received

During this reporting year, the following dissertations and papers were received from bursary holders who had completed their studies.

  1. Mr H Nienaber, "The effect of roughage to concentrates ratio on ruminal fermentation and protein degradability in dairy cows", University of Pretoria.
  2. Me ER Malleson, "Fishmeal supplementation to high producing Jersey Cows grazing on rye grass and Kikuyu pasture", University of Pretoria.