Research Report 2012/2013

Annexure II

List of completed projects in 2011/2012
Title and Researcher Institution
S-Fertilizer requirements of canola produced in the production areas of the Western Cape
Prof GA Agenbag
Stellenbosch University
Management of herbicide resistance in the Western Cape
Dr PJ Pieterse
Stellenbosch University
An investigation into the production dynamics of eight crop rotation systems, including wheat, canola, lupins and pasture species in the Swartland, Western Cape
Dr JA Strauss and Mr SJA Laubscher
Department of Agriculture: Western Cape
Economic sustainability of short- and long-rotation crop/pasture production systems in the Southern Cape
Dr JA Strauss and Mr W Langenhoven
Department of Agriculture: Western Cape
The identification of soil parameters as indicators of sustainable dry-land crop production systems for the shale derived soils of the Western Cape: tillage practice, crop rotation, soil quality and crop production
Dr J Labuschagne
Department of Agriculture: Western Cape
Insects and other pests of canola
Dr G Tribe and Mr A Lubbe
ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute
The economic contribution of canola as a rotational crop in various crop rotation systems on a typical farming unit in the Swartland and Southern Cape
Dr WH Hoffman
Stellenbosch University