Research Report 2009/2010



Achievement awards in support of the vision and mission of the PRF

Apart from financial donations for research, technology transfer and bursaries, the PRF also provides for five (5) categories of achievement awards. The achievement awards relate to the following categories:

  • Best Doctoral dissertation;
  • Best Masters paper;
  • Best scientific article;
  • Person that made a substantial contribution to promote the PRF vision and mission; and
  • A Board member that contributed significantly to promote the PRF activities.

The winners of the first four categories receive an amount of R6 000, plus a certificate, while the winner of the fifth category receives a certificate and appropriate gift.

The first two categories serve to encourage post-graduate students to focus on high quality research that will promote the PRF objectives, while the third serves as incentive to encourage researchers to publish research results. The fourth category is aimed at recognising exceptional achievement to promote the PRF objectives, focusing on technology transfer. The fifth category is aimed at recognising Board members who play a meaningful role in PRF activities over a long period.

No nominations were received in terms of doctoral dissertations. The following awards were awarded to deserving recipients:

  1. Best Masters thesis

    Ms E Heyneke, "Interaction between SO2 fumigation and drought stress on growth, photosynthesis and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soybean, studied in an open top chamber facility", North-West University
  2. Best article in scientific magazine

    Dr PDR van Heerden, "Regulation of respiration and the oxygen diffusion barrier in soybean protect symbiotic nitrogen fixation from chilling-induced inhibition and shoots from premature senescence", Newcastle University
  3. Person that contributed significantly to promote the PRF objectives

    Mr F Joubert, Producer in the Riversdal area
  4. A Board member that rendered a meaningful contribution to the PRF activities

    Mr GJH Scholtemeijer

All the awards were handed to the candidates at appropriate functions.