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Research Report 2009/2010

Annexure II

List of completed projects in 2009/2010
Title and Researcher Institution
Evaluation of advanced soybean breeding lines
Mr EN Ndou
ARC-Grain Crops Institute
An evaluation of crop rotation with canola under irrigation
Dr AA Nel
ARC-Grain Crops Institute
Evaluation of canola cultivars under irrigation
Dr AA Nel
ARC-Grain Crops Institute
Lupin seed production
Mr JW Lodewyckx
ARC-Grain Crops Institute
A comparison of the response to dietary protein by the Cobb and Ross broiler strains used in South Africa
Prof RM Gous
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Salt tolerance of canola
Prof GA Agenbag
Stellenbosch University
A comparative study on the growth and yield response of soybean to treatment with different bio-products
Prof JC Pretorius
University of the Free State
Calibration of near infrared spectrometry for amino acid analysis in animal feed
Dr M Ciacciariello
University of KwaZulu-Natal