Research Report 2009/2010



Study bursaries

The PRF makes available study bursaries to deserving candidates to obtain a Masters' Degree or Doctorate. In the case of a Masters' Degree, the candidate's field of study must be compatible with the PRF vision, mission and broad guidelines, while funding for a Doctorate is considered only if the field of study involves a major PRF priority. Such a field of study must be submitted for approval. It must comply with all criteria and, according to the Technology Committee, must be a field of priority.

The PRF considers study grants an important tool to achieve its objectives. It should create capacity in graduates, allowing them to contribute to scientific research of a high quality. This is particularly aimed at research that will promote the production of protein for animal use, as well as the optimal utilisation of that by animals.

Students are also encouraged to publish research results in co-operation with their study leaders. The students should, upon completion of their studies, publish the results as scientific articles and popular articles in recognised journals or magazines. The management summaries (abstracts) of each thesis or dissertation must be published on the PRF web site.

The PRF aims to award a maximum of eight bursaries each year. At least two of these should be new bursaries.

Bursaries for Masters' studies may be awarded over a period of two study years, while this is extended to three years for doctoral studies. The PRF bursaries committee received fourteen (14) applications for the 2009 academic year. Seven (7) of these were approved and four (4) of the seven were new applications. The value of each bursary is R35 000 per annum. Bursaries for the 2009 academic year were awarded to the following students:

M.Sc studies

  1. Mr TL Khetani (second application): "An evaluation of the effects of feed restriction on protein intake and its consequences on egg composition and incubation success in broiler breeder hens", University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  2. Ms PT Mabulwana (second application): "Determination of drought stress tolerance among soybean varieties by morphological and physiological characteristics", University of Limpopo
  3. Mr SB Ruck (first application): "The effect of protein in the diet of broiler breeders on egg fertility and hatchability", University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  4. Ms J Patel (first application): "Broiler breeder nutrition", University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  5. Mr TR Olivier (first application): "Monogastric nutrition", Stellenbosch University.
  6. Mr EJ van der Westhuizen (first application): "Animal (Meat) Science", Stellenbosch University.

PhD studies

  1. Ms BK Theeruth (second application): "Evaluating an optimisation routine for the profitable feeding of growing pigs", University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Completed thesis and dissertations received

During this reporting year, the following dissertations and papers were received from bursary holders who had completed their studies.

  1. Mr W Visagie, "Essential amino acid requirements of goats", M.Sc, Stellenbosch University.
  2. Ms M Kritzinger, "The effects of probiotics in gut health and protein utilisation in poultry", M.Sc, Stellenbosch University.
  3. Ms MR Modiba, "Use of fermentation technologies to develop Jatropha curcas seed meal into animal stock feed", M.Sc Animal nutrition, University of Limpopo.
  4. Ms BK Theeruth, "Selecting a suitable mathematical function to describe the time course of anorexia during pathogen challenge", M.Sc, University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  5. Mr DB Strydom, "The economic impact of maize-based ethanol production on African Animal feed industry", M.Sc, University of the Free State.