Research Report 2009/2010




Any enterprise requires professional assistance from a wide variety of spheres in order to function successfully. We thank our auditors, lawyers, those with maintenance contracts and those without contracts who have helped the PRF to function successfully. We thank you with gratitude for your contribution.

The PRF receives so much help that it is difficult to mention everyone who has contributed, but we thank all co-workers, researchers, consultants, contractors, peer review evaluators, the broad press and in particular all friends of the PRF for their overwhelming contribution without which the PRF could not hope to achieve as much success.

The challenges of the PRF objectives for the Board are comprehensive and often made difficult due to circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances include economic change, climate change and policy amendment at all role players (from the Government to individual contractors). At times such events are beneficial, but sometimes they are detrimental to the PRF initiatives. For this reason we conduct an annual survey of the status quo and consider the latest rules that place new pressure on the Board of Trustees. The total number of Board members is limited in terms of the PRF Trust Deed and therefore almost every Board member is utilised to the full. I personally thank every Board member for their dedication and support in helping the PRF to succeed. The quality of input has always been, and remains, almost perfect.

This report gives some idea of the unbelievable amount of work that is generated by the PRF in producing the high quality products required by the different industries and role players. None of this would have been possible without the loyalty and dedication of the PRF staff under the guidance of Mr Gerhard Keun, without whom a successful team would not have been possible. We extend our grateful thanks and appreciation to this team.

There is no lack of enthusiasm in the PRF, and I trust that we will continue to achieve even greater heights in the future with the continued help of everyone involved.

GJH Scholtemeijer