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Research Report 2014/2015




It is with true gratitude that the PRF presents this research report. The results achieved fall within the requirements and objectives that the PRF set. This requires recognition of a large number of institutions and individuals. We gratefully look back on a period of 24 years and we will certainly miss the contributions of both Dr Griessel and Mr Joubert that are retiring and have retired. The late Mr Frans Potgieter left his mark from the very first day. He was always one of the stalwarts in the soybean industry. We honour his memory and will miss him sincerely.

We are extremely privileged to have so many collaborators and supporters who were and are also prepared to work very hard to serve the goals of the PRF. We think of all the researchers and research institutions, universities and other tertiary institutions, government and provincial departments and all the other supporting services for example the press and all agencies that supported us with technology transfer. This includes producer bodies for example Agri SA, Grain South Africa, SAGIS, Grain Laboratory, the Commodity Trusts, especially the Oil and Protein Seeds Development Trust, cooperatives and agricultural companies, seed, chemical and equipment companies and distributors, our auditors, attorneys, the fund managers and everybody else whom I have not mentioned by name and who is always ready to support us.

Our loyal and very dedicated staff makes a huge contribution and it is difficult to find appropriate words to thank them for all the inputs they have made during the past year and the years before.

It has always been the policy of the PRF to appoint board members with specific knowledge required by the PRF to further its activities. All the board members who serve on the PRF have made huge contributions in the past year to the success that we look back upon today, and for that we also express our sincere gratitude.

An unqualified word of thanks to everybody.

Gerhard JH Scholtemeijer

5 November 2015