Research Report 2014/2015



Study grants and bursaries

The PRF bursary scheme was approved in 1994 and the first bursary for post-graduate study was awarded for the 1995 academic year. We are proud to consider the period of 20 years that allowed us to award a total of 68 bursaries for M and D studies to deserving candidates. The bursary scheme is aimed at training deserving candidates after completion of their degrees and to help them to contribute to high quality scientific research. It is of particular importance to promote research that will be of benefit to protein for animal consumption, as well as the optimal utilisation of such protein by animals.

The bursary scheme is considered particularly successful, especially as only two candidates did not complete their studies over the entire period. Both repaid their bursary fees received. It also indicates that the selection process that the PRF applies to select candidates, had been very effective. At the moment the PRF is investigating the fields in which the former candidates work now.

Students are encouraged to make available, in co-operation with their study promoters, research results through publication in science journals and/or popular magazines. Management summaries of manuscripts and theses are also published on the PRF web site.

Bursaries for M studies are awarded for a period of two study years, but may be awarded for three study years in case of doctoral studies.

Bursaries awarded by the Bursary Committee (a subcommittee of the Marketing Committee) during this year, are:

M.Sc studies

  1. Mr LL Eksteen (second application): "The use of growth regulators in canola", Stellenbosch University.
  2. Mr H Schuurman (second application): "Animal feeds", Stellenbosch University.
  3. Ms TC Maluleke (second application): "Plant Cystatins and insect resistance: Inhibition of insect midgut cysteine proteases by plant cystatins and their role in plant insect resistance", University of Pretoria.
  4. Ms GC Buitendach (second application): "Animal nutrition", University of the Free State.

PhD studies

  1. Ms M du Plessis (second application): "Molecular markers for drought tolerance in soybean", University of Pretoria.

Completed theses received

During the year under review, the following manuscripts and theses were received from bursary holders that completed their studies successfully.

  1. Mr PD Carstens: "Studies to develop a mathematical optimisation model to describe the effect of nutrition on the growth of ostriches (Struthio camelus var. domesticus)", M.Sc, Stellenbosch University.
  2. Ms MP Genis: "The effect of dietary energy content and the provision of a Beta-adrenergic agonist in the diet on the production and meat quality of South Africa mutton merino feedlot lambs", M.Sc, Stellenbosch University.
  3. Ms L van Emmenes: "Evaluation of phytase enzymes on performance, bone mineralisation, carcass characteristics and small intestinal morphology of boilers fed maize soya bean diets", M.Sc, Stellenbosch University.
  4. Mr R Steyn: "When does a market qualify as a niche market: A canola case study", M.Sc, University of the Free State.
  5. Ms GA Tesselaar: "Development of a mathematical optimization model for breeding ostriches: Identification of possible factors affecting feed intake and production", M.Sc, Stellenbosch University.
  6. Mr LL Eksteen: "Reducing height and lodging in canola (Brassica napus L.) using plant growth regulators", M.Sc, Stellenbosch University.