Research Report 2016/2017

9.   Conclusion

The PRF presents this research report with much gratitude. The results achieved fall within the requirements and objectives that the PRF set. A large number of institutions and individuals deserve recognition in this process.

We are particularly blessed to have so many co-workers and supporters that are willing to work hard in achieving the PRF's objectives. We honour all the researchers, research institutions, universities and tertiary institutions, but particularly the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and specifically the Harvest Estimates Committee, provincial departments and other supporting services such as the press and all agents that assist us with the transfer of technology. These include producer bodies such as Agri SA, Grain South Africa, SAGIS, SA Grain Laboratory, the commodity trusts (especially the Oil and Protein Seeds Development Trust), co-operations and agricultural companies, seed, chemical and equipment companies and distributers, our auditors, lawyers, bankers, web masters (, Infoworks, XL Millenium), the fund managers (FOORD and Old Mutual) and all those that I do not mention by name, but that are always willing to help.

Our loyal and extremely dedicated staff contributes a lot. It is difficult to find the right words to thank them for all the input during the past year, but also all the years before.

The PRF policy remains to appoint Board Members with particular knowledge that will promote the PRF's activities. All the Board Members that serve as members of the Board contributed to the success of the year. We are truly, honestly grateful.

An unqualified "thank you" to each and every one.

Gerhard JH Scholtemeijer