Research Report 2016/2017

3.   Policy resolutions

The well-known elite trials for both soybeans and canola have proven the merits of the projects in more than one way. The soybean elite trials already led to the registration of several soybean cultivars in South Africa. As such, the Board decided to phase out those soybean trials within the next two years. It will remain essential to look at different ways of co-operating with foreign co-workers and maintain established relationships (see Projects for more details).

The co-operation in terms of the elite trials required annual PRF visits by some of the best soybean growers. These visits allow the exchange of very valuable knowledge. In view of that the Board decided to send our soybean experts, Messrs Wessel van Wyk and Gawie de Beer for a similar practical study visit to Estación Experimental Agroindustrial "Obispo Colombres" (EEAOC) in Argentina. The very successful visit took place during the soybean season in January 2016.

During the soybean elite trial visit of the EMBRAPA (Brazil) researchers, Dr Norman Neumaier and Dr Marcelo de Oliveira, the PRF awarded them with honorary awards, according to the Board resolution of the previous year.

The lack of a national representative body for both soya and canola in South Africa had been a significant gap for many years. After thorough deliberation over a wide front, the PRF decided to establish the South African Soybean Association, as well as the South African Canola Association. This will facilitate the establishment of reference websites that will allow international enquiries and referrals.