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Research Report 2000/2001

Annexure II

Project titles are shown in the language in which they were registered.
List of research projects completed during 2000/2001
Title and Researcher Institution
Isolation and characterization of the gene complex regulating the response of soybean (Glycine max (L.) merr.) to water deprevation, salinity stress and temperature extremes.
J van Staden and WA Cress
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Should animals be fed to their genetic potential if this potential is redused by stress.
RM Gous
University of KwaZulu-Natal
"Biologiese stikstofbinding by sojabone: Entingsprobleme."
JF Bloem
ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute
"Kwantifisering van die energiewaardes en samestelling van potensiële alternatiewe proteienbronne."
TS Brand
Chief Directorate Agriculture: Western Cape
"Identifikasie van molekulêre merkers wat gekoppel is aan aalwurmweerstand in sojabone."
CMS Mienie
ARC-Grain Crops Institute
Response of soybean to temperature stress and its intraction with light intensity evaluated by photosystem II function, photosynthetic gas exchange and xantophyll cycle activity.
GHJ Krüger
Potchefstroom University of Christian Higher Education
Increasing soybean yields through control of soybean mosaic virus by identification of resistance sources.
G Pietersen
ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute
Identification, pathogenicity and control of lupin anthracnose in South Africa.
SH Koch
ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute
"Evaluering van die wisselwerking tussen gronde en simbiotiese stikstofbinding by sojabone."
DJ Beukes
ARC-Institute for Soil, Climate and Water
"Deterministiese modellering van die lupien- en canola-produksiepotensiaal van die Wes-Kaap."
MG Wallace
Chief Directorate Agriculture: Western Cape
Use of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to determine the chemical composition and energy contents of raw materials (including different protein sources).
TS Brand
Chief Directorate Agriculture: Western Cape
In vitro regeneration of Lupinus albus cv Cedara 6150 and Lupinus angustifolius cv Tanjil.
TG Watson
CSIR Bio / Chemtek
A model to predict the usage of agricultural products for the feeding of livestock in South Africa (APR-model).
E Briedenhann
University of KwaZulu-Natal
"Die omvang, belangrikheid en potensiaal van die lusernbedryf in die RSA."
HD van Schalkwyk
University of the Free State