Research Report 2000/2001



Policy resolutions

The increasing importance of technology transfer has already been mentioned. As follow-up to the PRF's existing guidelines for drafting management summaries, researchers are expected to present their summaries in the format of a scientific article. The Board decided that these management summaries should be referred to the Marketing Committee for recommendations to the Board and to determine how the report should be further distributed. This will ensure that all research projects reach the target market for which they are intended.

Research funding, as well as the resultant intellectual property, has long been a point in dispute with some contractors. After negotiations with the ARC, an umbrella agreement was reached between the ARC and the PRF on intellectual property, with the result that such aspects no longer have to be negotiated on an annual basis with individual Institutes.

In an attempt to streamline financial policy and control, procedures that applied in the past were examined in detail and adapted to present conditions and requirements.

Seed breeding and biotechnology were previously regarded by the PRF as commercial operations, or alternatively, as very expensive research. Given changing needs, the PRF reviewed its policy in this regard and decided that both seed breeding and biotechnology projects would be funded in exceptional cases on condition that they can be linked to specific needs of the South African market.

The PRF Board is convinced that these policy adjustments necessitated by changed circumstances will contribute towards accelerated achievement of the objectives that the PRF has set for itself.