Research Report 2000/2001




Bursaries are seen as an important aid in striving for the PRF's objectives. By making bursaries available for post-graduate studies, deserving candidates are offered an opportunity to study towards a Masters degree or Doctorate. Qualifications of this nature should create the capacity for these candidates to make a contribution towards high quality scientific research in protein supply and/or protein utilisation in animal nutrition.

During the past year the Bursary Committee recommended certain amendments to the guidelines for allocation of bursaries, which were accepted by the Trustees and applied during the screening of applicants for 2001. These amendments include confirmation that a Masters degree was sufficient qualification for a person to train as a researcher, and that a bursary for a Doctorate would only be awarded if the field of study was of particular importance to the PRF. The size of bursaries for 2001 was also increased from R14 000 to R17 000 a year per candidate.

The PRF Bursary Committee received eleven applications for bursaries for the 2000 academic year. Six of these candidates complied with the necessary criteria and were awarded bursaries.

The PRF aims to award a maximum of eight bursaries each year, of which at least two must be new bursaries. Of the six bursaries awarded for the 2000 academic year, four were awarded to new applicants. The following applicants received bursaries to the total value of R84 000:

M.Sc studies

  1. Mr JH du Plessis (second application): "Optimale verspreiding en verwerking van oliesade onder verskillende ekonomiese toestande in Suid-Afrika", University of the Free State.
  2. Mr J van E Nolte (second application): "An evaluation of degradable protein and non-protein nitrogen on intake and digestion by Dohne Merino sheep fed wheat straw", Stellenbosch University.
  3. Mr GDJ Scholtz (first application): "Lusern graderingstelsel", University of the Free State.
  4. Mr JD Thornton (first application): "Comparison of different RDP and UDP ratio's on intake and milk production efficiency in Saanen goats fed a complete diet", Stellenbosch University.

PhD studies

  1. Mr S Tyiso (first application): "Developmental and maturation – drying effects on the biochemistry (lipid, protein lipid hydroperoxides, antioxidants) of soybean seeds", University of KwaZulu-Natal.
  2. Mr JR Sara (first application): "The formulation of a nutritional feed for prawn mariculture in KZN", University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The PRF is satisfied that the bursary recipients complied with the criterion of merit.