Research Report 2000/2001




According to this research report it is clear that actions on the part of the PRF and its co-workers have made a positive contribution towards increased protein production for animal consumption in South Africa. The soya industry, in particular, showed phenomenal growth, yet still has the potential for much stronger growth, especially in areas where little if any soybeans are produced. In this regard specific reference can be made to the maize triangle, with the exception of the eastern Free State and Mpumalanga, where there are tremendous possibilities for successfully introducing soya into a rotational cropping system.

Demand for protein for animal consumption is still such that the PRF's efforts will have to be intensified in order to make real progress. Next year the PRF plans to use the model developed by Mr E Briedenhann in an attempt to make more reliable projections regarding demand for protein, bearing in mind the influence of HIV on population figures and the composition of South Africa's population.

Despite the large number of projects financed during the past year, as well as projects envisaged for 2001, the Board of Trustees are of the opinion that the PRF's financial position remains sound, as was confirmed by the audit report compiled by external auditors following the normal annual audit. Hedging in foreign investments as well as Government bonds neutralised fluctuations on the stock exchange and the effect of the weak rand, with growth in funds still exceeding inflation, even after funding of the year's research projects.

The successful functioning of the PRF can of course be attributed to the quality of the researchers contracted by the PRF as well as the organisations they represent. Co-operation with the Departments of Agriculture in the different provinces, the ARC, the CSIR, universities and contractors is of a very high standard. The PRF has great appreciation for this, and also acknowledges those members of work groups who have made a special contribution.

PRF Board members represent a variety of disciplines. The contributions of these individuals – whether at farmers' days, in committees, at Board meetings or elsewhere are greatly appreciated.

Co-operation with radio stations and the press remains excellent, while broadcasting of the "protein message" in its various facets is made a great deal easier thanks to this support.

Without the input of the large number of individual organisations represented in the work groups of the PRF, our success would not have been possible.

In light of the above, the PRF reaffirms its commitment towards co-operation with all role-players in the industries currently served by the PRF, which, in turn, will benefit everyone in South Africa.