Research Report 2000/2001



Projects financed

The PRF funded 29 research projects during the year 2000 (see Annexure 1) – 13 fewer than were funded in the previous year. Six of the 29 projects were new projects, while 23 were continuations of existing projects. In total 31 applications were received, of which 2 were not approved. The main reason why these applications were turned down was because the research, in the opinion of the PRF, would not have made a meaningful impact on South Africa's future protein supply situation and the efficient utilisation thereof.

Six projects were completed during the course of the year but the final reports are only expected during the first half of 2001.

With regard to new research projects, the emphasis remained on promoting local production of protein of vegetable origin as all six new projects have to do with the breeding and efficient production of soybeans, lupins and canola in South Africa.

For 2001, 34 applications were received of which 13 were new applications. These applications will be discussed in the next report.